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bracelet Twiggy 3D

bracelet Twiggy 3D

79,00 €Preis

Bracelet résine imprimé double face (intérieure et extérieure)

création graphique unique by Juste une impression

édition ultra limitée.

Si rupture de stock fabrication unitaire sur commande (délai maximal 2 semaines).
Taille unique réajustable sans altération de l'impression, pelliculage vernis de surface (cf notice ci-dessous).

dimensions :

hauteur 4 cm

largeur 15 cm



Double-sided printed resin strap (inside and outside)

unique graphic creation by Just an impression inspired by the coordinated dress (cf visual)

ultra limited edition.

If out of stock, make-to-order production (maximum lead time 2 weeks).


One size fits all without altering the print, surface varnish lamination (see instructions below).

dimensions :

height 1.57 inches

width 5.9 inches



How to adjust the bracelet to your wrist

the bracelet is too tight or too wide for your wrist, no problem!

  • prepare a bowl of cold water on the side

  • boil water (avoid the kettle or the microwave, but use the saucepan).

  • plunge the bracelet completely out of the fire for 10 to 15 seconds maximum to make it malleable.

  • remove the bracelet and take it off with gloves so as not to burn yourself.

  • you can then tighten or open it by moving each end symmetrically towards or away from each other to preserve the converse shape of each bracelet.

  • once the desired measurement has been obtained, immerse the bracelet in the bowl of cold water prepared to freeze the new shape/size.

  • Try the bracelet again once it has been wiped and cooled.

  • If the new measurement is not suitable, repeat the complete operation until the required size is reached.

  • This operation, even if repeated, is without any risk for the bracelet or for the original colours (no alteration of the material (resin), varnish or original colours).