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I redesigned a trapeze dress for its retro & vintage side, nevertheless timeless, but also and above all because this cut adapts to a number of different morphologies, so as not to be on an exclusive fashion, automatically excluding a certain number of women.


My sizes are deliberately large to suit different body sizes.
The difference is mainly on the chest size.

Here is the detail of my available and patterned sizes (click on the picture to enlarge it)

The strength of Juste une impression is to offer a custom-made dress (from 34 to 48+).

All you have to do is take your measurements from a distance (cf .pdf document to download).


and then email them to me at, and tell me what dress design you want to wear.

(see my collections of arty dresses)

gabarit-mesures-a-preciser_Plan de travail 1.png
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