top sans manche/débardeur imprimé Blondie dos noir
  • top sans manche/débardeur imprimé Blondie dos noir

    • Devant en mousseline 100 % polyester légèrement transparente, au toucher soyeux
    • Dos noir ou blanc, 96 % polyester / 4 % jersey élasthanne doux
    • L'impression du devant par sublimation textile permet au tissu de rester doux et fluide, et une tenue définitive et inaltérable aux lavages (machine à 30°)
    • Coupe fluide
    • Fabrication uniquement sur commande (délai environ 2 semaines maxi)



    Printed muslin top 

    • The artwork is printed on demand on a fabric roll representing the entire front surface, before being sewed.
    • Textile sublimation printing integrates the colour into the fabric allowing it to remain flexible and light and ensuring a final and unalterable print whatever the number of washes (machine wash at 30°).
    • Back, collar and sleeves in white or black depending on the model.
    • Slightly transparent 100% polyester chiffon with a silky touch, to be worn on top of your favourite lingerie or tank top.
    • Short, flowing and square cut.This top is worn wide and short.
    • Made on order only (max. 2 weeks).

    sleeveless top/printed tank top Slightly transparent 100% polyester chiffon front with a silky touch
    Black or white back, 96 % polyester / 4 % soft elastane jersey
    The printing of the front by textile sublimation allows the fabric to remain soft and fluid, and a definitive and unalterable hold in the wash (machine at 30°).
    Fluid cutManufacturing only on order (delay about 2 weeks max.)

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      Juste une impression

      c'est du design mode pour des produits uniques à base de différentes techniques d'impressions dans les matières.

      Des toutes petites séries, du fait main de façon artisanale pour des produits uniques créés et fabriqués avec soin et engagement 

      by Véronique FOURNIER - designer.

      Le tout 100% made in Hauts-de-France !



      Juste une impression

      is fashion design for unique products based on different printing technicals into the materials.

      From very small series, handmade by hand for unique products created and manufactured with care and commitment. 

      by Véronique FOURNIER - designer.

      All 100% handmade in Hauts-de-France !

      For ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion !

      and concrete support for our jobs!

      #madelocal! #buylocal!

      Custom-made in very small series!